Neeta Thakur is a law graduate from Mumbai University and she currently resides in Mumbai. She is interested in fashion designing and photography. She is a nature lover and is fond of gardening. She enjoys reading books and writing poems. A few things that give her immense joy, apart from writing, are yoga and fitness. She likes to travel to new places and spend time with her family.

  1. Tell us something about yourself that not many people are aware of.

As I had said in my earlier interview I enjoy writing but I also love photography and have completed a basic course in it. I had also done a crash course in fashion designing while studying in college and had plans to open a boutique. I have also counseled tenth grade students in their career choices once upon a time.

  1. What draws you to the magical world of writing and what does the art of weaving words do for you on a personal level?

I believe writing is an art which makes people lighter than a feather. Being able to express ourselves is an art and it is certainly very useful while writing. As I learnt to express myself through writing it began reflecting in my personality as well. I can bond very well not only with my family but also with my friends on a deeper level because of this skill.

  1. Share with us the moment when your heart said to you: “I want to be a writer!”

I was very fond of listening to as well as narrating stories since childhood. I always desired to write a story. When the idea of my first novel came to my mind I couldn’t stop myself from writing. Though the story is fictional, some of the characters and situations are real and that is the reason why I could write them so realistically and my dream of becoming a writer was fulfilled.

  1. If an aspiring writer asks you for just one golden advice of wisdom, what would it be?

Read lots of good books. Write something daily and read a lot. Learn to observe and understand people. This helps greatly in creating the characters and situations in the story.

  1. Tell us about your publishing journey was it smooth or bumpy?

My publishing journey began very smoothly. I enjoyed writing and was satisfied with my work. I also enjoyed the process of cover designing, editing and title selection. There was a little confusion in selecting the right publisher, but everything went smoothly once I decided on the publisher. I myself have done cover designing, editing and title selection for my book.

  1. How important is the commercial side of writing and promoting your book as opposed to the sheer joy of the creative art of expression?

I personally do not enjoy the commercial side of writing and promoting the book. But I must also add that if you are creative you can promote your book very well, and every writer is creative so it shouldn’t be very difficult. But promoting the book certainly does not give the same joy that I get while writing.

  1. If you were not a writer what would you have been?

My career as a writer began quite late in life. After completing my L.L.B I wanted to be a successful lawyer. But I could not afford to give it much of my time after the birth of my daughter. I am very good at drafting and I later on started enjoying writing. As I read more and more I desired to become a writer.

  1. Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

All my family members appreciate my writing. I became a writer due to the encouragement given by my husband and my sisters.

  1. What other genres would you like to explore?

Other than romance fiction, I would certainly like to write biographies in the non-fiction genre and also explore the mistery genre.

  1. Which is the character from the book that you enjoyed creating the most and why?

I enjoyed creating the character of ‘Vivek’ from my debut novel ‘Your memories are now my treasure.’ It was very challenging to show the different shades of Vivek’s sensitive mind. I did not want to project him as a flirt, but at the same time he was a very practical person who backed out of love. He himself was hurt when he hurt the girl he loved but even in that dilemma he took a practical decision which proved to be right. When my readers give a positive feedback for my story I feel satisfied that the end of the story is indeed correct.

  1. What is your life philosophy?

My philosophy in life is to imbibe the art of understanding people and learning to express myself in the best possible way. Everything goes smoothly when you deal with people with a fresh mind and don’t have any preconceived notions about them.

  1. How does your writing benefit the society?

The story of my novel is an inspirational love story which would certainly inspire today’s youth. It will help them to take the right decision when they are at the crossroads where career and love cross their path and make their life a success.

A brief extract of her book “YOUR MEMORIES ARE NOW MY TREASURES”

This is a touching love story born out of the tender moments woven together and lovingly cherished in the hearts of three youngsters.

Ruta is a young sensitive innocent girl with stars in her eyes, passionate about becoming a doctor. All of a sudden, life takes an interesting turn when Vivek enters her life.

Vivek is a fiercely ambitious young man, who hopes to study MBA and join his father’s business in the US. Virendra, his father, has great plans for his son, and hopes to see him accomplish accolades, and help the business that he spent several years working hard to build. Everything seems on track but Virendra requires Vivek to make a choice – a difficult one at that.

In the midst of all this comes Rashmi, a beautiful, business savvy young woman, brought up in the US but Indian to the core.

Vivek must make a difficult decision that will impact Ruta’s, his and Rashmi’s lives.

Second love cannot be compared to first love but does that mean the second love is a lie?