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It was like something was missing in my life: Pranay Tiwari author of Stop Loving Me


Pranay Tiwari, an MBA student from Patna, left everything behind to write socially conscious fiction to motivate people and share his understanding of how the world works. He always thought something was missing in his life until he began to pen his own world. He likes travelling and talking to people to understand them better and bring depth to his characters.

Stop Loving Me, his debut novel, is a must-read before you plan to do anything good or philanthropic. To share your own beautiful story, connect with him at @authorpranaytiwari on Facebook and Instagram.

An interaction with Pranay:

Tell us something about yourself that not many people are aware of.

I can teach any subject that I have studied. I have taught over fifty students of high school and senior secondary sections.

What draws you to the magical world of writing and what does the art of weaving words do for you on a personal level?

My inner self gets the feeling of completeness. This is the best way of self analysis. One can easily find out what he or she needs to add or remove from their lives. I design the characters the way I want to be. That helps a lot in real life situations.

What sparked off the idea for your latest book?

One morning, I was feeling a bit relaxed, so my mind came up with an idea of writing something and the very first thing I wrote was a scene that I had witnessed during a recent event. I expressed the best of me in a piece of paper and form then, the long journey triggered.

Share with us the moment when your heart said to you: “I want to be a writer!”

When I had completed my manuscript, I gave it to some people to review it. The reviews were good and I decided that I can’t leave my book unpublished.

How important is the commercial side of writing and promoting your book as opposed to the sheer joy of the creative art of expression?

I didn’t start writing to commercialize things but every writer aspires that his story is read and appreciated by his readers. So, to some extent the commercial side is important but when compared to self satisfaction, it stands small.

Does the journey of seeing an idea develop and flourish into a full-fledged book teach you something about yourself or make you a better person in any way?

Undoubtedly, the characters are partial portrayal of what I want to see in people. The stories teach me what to do and what not to do as I am able to pre-assume things through my characters.

If an aspiring writer asks you for just one golden advice of wisdom, what would it be?

Write because you want to, not just to get published. Once you have written something, don’t leave it unpublished. Either invest something or at least, release it on kinlde.

If you were marooned on an island with just one book, which would it be and why?

“Think and grow rich” by Napolean Hill. This book provides some self analysis chapters that are very precious to me. They have helped me learn myself more.

Tell us about your publishing journey. Was it smooth or bumpy?

I won’t lie. It was tough. Really tough. Writing was the easiest part of my journey. The real part was getting it published. After facing many rejections from elite publishers, It was on me to show some faith to my book. So, I moved forward to get it published on my own.

What role does your native city play in shaping your writings?

Well, this question would have changed everything if I were from Delhi, Mumbai or some other similar city. The reader base in Patna is very low. Here people don’t encourage writing works as very few like to read. So, my native city plays a negative role in building me as a writer but the people associated with me always motivated me to follow my passion.

If you were not a writer, what would you have been?

A businessman.

Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

Family support was one of the major factors that helped me develop my passion. In fact, my friends and family were the people who motivated me to continue my writing when I myself was doubtful of my book.

How much of your book is autobiographical where characters reflect your personal experiences?

This book is something more than just a novel. It is a mixture of drama and feelings. The characters shown in the book are inspired from my own life to a great extent but it is not something like autobiographical. The reader will find himself too in the story because the book carries a social message.

What other genres would you like to explore?

“Stop Loving Me” is a social thriller. This experience made me more social and helped me understand things deeply. So, I would like to explore this genre once again through my next novel to get a bit more understanding of the society.

Other than this genre, I would also like to explore Romance, Sci-fi and philosophical genres.

What are your future projects?

My next project is a love story named “Dear Meera”.

Aside from writing, what are your other passions?

I like travelling to religious places exploring the spiritual self.

Which is the one character from your book that you enjoyed creating the most and why?

Aman is the most interesting characters that I enjoyed creating the most. The character is full of qualities that I want to see in somebody. The character is full of energy and knowledge.

How does your writing benefit the society?

An- I always write something for the society, which can motivate them, help them do something philanthropic. I don’t write to commercialize it, I write to share my experiences and understanding of the other side of the world.

Our readers would like to savour a brief extract from your latest book in maximum 500 words.It was like something was missing in my life: Pranay Tiwari author of Stop Loving Me

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